How Can I Help Improve My Child’s Swimming Skills While At Home?


I know not everyone has access to a swimming pool while at home and not everyone can afford multiple days of swimming lesssons either, so how can you help your children improve while they are at home?  Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help your child improve even if they can’t be in the water every day.

If your child has never taken swim lessons before and has recently started, here are some tips for the beginning swimmer.

1. When in the bathtub get them working on bubbles inside the water.  This is sometimes the hardest thing for children to learn because they always seem to want to open their mouth.  Once they have this nailed it is a lot easier to get them to start swimming on their own.

2. Learning to point their toes can also be a hard concept to learn, so have your little ones practicing while their feet hang off the bed.  (Ask them to show you pointed toes and then have them show you flexed feet, do this multiple times so that they start to learn the difference)

For the more intermediate and advanced swimmers, here are some tips they can do at home even while they are relaxing.

1. We all know this is the tech age and most of our children are on a computer, tablet or electronic device at some point during the day.  This is the perfect time to do something constructive.  While on the device have them go on YouTube and look up different strokes/technique.  This method can also help with flip turns and dives if those seem to be the biggest challenge.

2. If breastroke is the most challenging for your child to learn then have them lay down on their stomachs and hang their legs off the bed (just above the knee).  Have them repeat (Monkey, Airplane, Soldier or Up, Out, Together), this motion will help them start the muscle memory for the breastroke kick.

3. If arm strokes are the major struggle for your child whether it is freestyle, butterfly or anything in between have them stand up and tuck their chin.  Then have them slowly go through the motion of the arm strokes.  Not sure of the correct form?  Not a problem have the instructor show you the correct form during your child’s swim lessons that week.  If your child or maybe even yourself forgets what the arms should look like throughout the week, then go to YouTube and check out a video.

Looking for more tips and tricks?  Then go ahead and comment below or send us a message on our Patti’s Swim School Facebook!




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