Why Should Parents Learn to Swim?


When people think about swim lessons they always think about how important it is for their children to be water safe, but what about us as adults?  Here are some reasons that although it is important for children to be safe in the water it is also important that their parents be safe and comfortable in the water as well.

Children learn from the adults in their lives.  They learn right from wrong, what they should fear and not fear, and what is safe vs. unsafe.  If they see that you, their parents are afraid of the water, but trying to convince them to learn how to swim, they relate that as meaning they should be afraid as well.  Children are intelligent and they know if mom and dad are afraid of something it must be for a very good reason.  This can cause the process of learning to swim to be that much more difficult for them.

As a parent learning to swim can also be a life saving skill.  Water sports are very popular in California especially during the warmer months.  If you yourself know how to swim it will be easier to assist your children if circumstances call for it.

For example you are at a BBQ, pool party with some of your friends and family, then all the sudden you hear your child screaming for you to help them.  You turn around and notice that they have accidentally wandered into the deep end of the pool.  You of course jump in, swim towards them and then tread to the safety of the wall while holding their head out of the water.  Now think for a moment that you, yourself can’t swim or are not very comfortable in certain depths of water.  This can leave both you and your child helpless.

Knowing how to swim with your child can also be a great past time.  Finding fun activities to do with your child is something that all parents love to do.  Knowing how to swim can be a great way to bond.  Just think of all the different sport and activities you can do once you both know how to swim: water skiing, wake boarding, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, just to name a few.  All of these are fun activities that you and your child can both get involved in, that can help the whole family live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

I know some parents are reading this and thinking, maybe she is right but I don’t want to be embarrassed or uncomfortable.  Self doubt is perfectly normal and everyone goes through it.  Here at Patti’s swim school we can gear our lessons towards your own personal comfort level and schedule.  If you don’t want a lot of people around we can have your swim lesson in the morning or early afternoons, if that doesn’t work we can figure something else out for you.  Maybe you feel more comfortable with a female instructor or vica versa, not a problem.  We want everyone to have the best learning to swim experience they can have.





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