3 reasons your child needs a swim cap asap.

Are they cool? Maybe. Are they practical? Heck yeah.
And by the way Parents, you can thank your lucky stars that silicon swim caps went mainstream in the early 2000s cause before that there was only latex cap which was kind of like putting a rubber hat on your head. Think serious breakage, hair pulling, and lots of whining. Here are our top 3 reasons to get a swim cap on your kid’s head as soon as possible.

1. Swim caps protect your child’s hair.

Silicon swim caps keep your child’s hair healthy and protected from drying elements in pools including salt and chlorine. Always opt for silicon caps over latex as latex caps create serious breakage.

2. They keep you warm!

Insulation, anyone? Swim caps are basically a water hat and will keep your child’s head toasty in those cooler months of the year. If there is a good reason to wear swim caps, staying super warm is one of them!

3. Swim faster.

In the swimming world, there’s a term called “drag” which is something you want to avoid at all costs. When kids have a lot of hair and it’s either not pulled back or in a cap, that’s drag – and it’s slowing your lil swimmer down. Make swim lessons more productive. Keep your child’s hair out of their eyes and out of the way while they swim.

Feel intimidated by swim caps? Here are a couple of videos that make it easy.

How to put a swim cap on (Adult)

How to put a swim cap on your child

Final thoughts: Silicon swim caps are available online and at many sports stores typically for $10 or less. There are generic size swim caps as well as long hair caps in child and adult sizes, so make sure you get the right size for your child!

swim cap girl

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