Summer Swim Team Try-Outs: Save the Dates!

Are You Ready to Swim?

Patti’s Swim School prepares swimmers of all ages for the competition and fun we know as swim team! Participate for Summer or year-round.
Check Out these East Bay Swim Team Try-Out Dates…
Interested in Year Round Swimming? These teams compete year-round:

Patti’s Swim School Schedules: Winter and Spring Sessions

Winter Session: Now-Feb. 24th
Spring 1 Session: Feb. 26th-April 21st
Spring 2 Session: April 23rd-June 16th

Switching It Up: How Drills Sharpen Your Swimmer

Drills are used in every sport to enhance technique, change form, and improve performance. Not only do they help students improve, but they also engage the student’s mind to make swimming more fun and interesting! Drills can be used for every level of swimmer from beginner through advanced and can be as simple as a breathing exercise to paddle board freestyle lengthening. We love drills because they can engage both our mind and our body.

Using state of the art drills to help students of all types and abilities: Check out our video of Coach Koung using a ball drill to help her student straighter her freestyle arms!


Don’t Miss Out!
Winter Session is winding down while Spring is just around the bend! Register now!
Winter Session: Now-Feb. 24th
Spring 1 Session: Feb. 26th-April 21st
Spring 2 Session: April 23rd-June 16th

5 Reasons Your Child Should Take Winter Swim Lessons

From keeping active to getting water-safe before Summer hits, you’ll be a happy camper if you enroll your child in Winter swim lessons…

1. Stay active!
What better way to keep your kids healthy than building their endurance, strength, and coordination?
2. Don’t worry, swim happy!
Did you know that swimming literally makes you FEEL better? Yes, you too parents. Besides the endorphins created from exercise, submerging the body in water stimulates the nervous system in a way similar to getting a full-body hug, uplifting any bad mood.
3. Cure the brain fog.
Every feel yourself or your kids drifting away? There are many things that cause this, but swimming can cure it! Help your kids get focused and sharper by getting them to the pool.
4. Wear ’em out.
Or perhaps your kids have from the opposite issue: excessive activity. Make bed time super easy by helping them get their crazies out at swim lesson!
5. You’ll have a head-start on Summer.
There’s no getting around it… Summer is 4 MONTHS AWAY. Get those kids water-safe to enjoy all of the fun water activities Summer has to offer so you can relax, too. 🙂

Instructor Schedule Updates!

Grab these spots while they’re hot…
Kezia is now available on Tuesdays starting at 2pm for Winter Session and Jordan will be teaching Tuesdays and Thursdays for the Spring Sessions from 10:30am-5pm. Sign up now!
Winter Session: Now-Feb. 24th
Spring 1 Session: Feb. 26th-April 21st
Spring 2 Session: April 23rd-June 16th


3 reasons your child needs a swim cap asap.

Are they cool? Maybe. Are they practical? Heck yeah.
And by the way Parents, you can thank your lucky stars that silicon swim caps went mainstream in the early 2000s cause before that there was only latex cap which was kind of like putting a rubber hat on your head. Think serious breakage, hair pulling, and lots of whining. Here are our top 3 reasons to get a swim cap on your kid’s head as soon as possible.

1. Swim caps protect your child’s hair.

Silicon swim caps keep your child’s hair healthy and protected from drying elements in pools including salt and chlorine. Always opt for silicon caps over latex as latex caps create serious breakage.

2. They keep you warm!

Insulation, anyone? Swim caps are basically a water hat and will keep your child’s head toasty in those cooler months of the year. If there is a good reason to wear swim caps, staying super warm is one of them!

3. Swim faster.

In the swimming world, there’s a term called “drag” which is something you want to avoid at all costs. When kids have a lot of hair and it’s either not pulled back or in a cap, that’s drag – and it’s slowing your lil swimmer down. Make swim lessons more productive. Keep your child’s hair out of their eyes and out of the way while they swim.

Feel intimidated by swim caps? Here are a couple of videos that make it easy.

How to put a swim cap on (Adult)

How to put a swim cap on your child

Final thoughts: Silicon swim caps are available online and at many sports stores typically for $10 or less. There are generic size swim caps as well as long hair caps in child and adult sizes, so make sure you get the right size for your child!

swim cap girl

5 Free Tips to Get Your Child Water-Safe FAST.

“How long will it take for my child to be water safe?”
It’s a tough question, and we hear it every day! Not to worry, though. Here are 5 tips to get your child water-safe faster and easier!
1. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency! 
Enroll for swim lessons year round as much as possible to maintain your child’s learning and progression – and stop any regression!

girl with toys

2. If You Don’t Know How to Swim, LEARN!
Parents, it goes without saying that swimming is a life skill. Although it may be daunting if you never had the opportunity, it’s never too late. Your child looks to you for courage. If you’re comfortable in water, it’s more likely that they will be, too.
3. Bye-bye, Goggles!
In our saltwater pool, kids are encouraged to swim without goggles. Not only does this help students be ready for any situation (who walks around on land with goggles on just in case?) but it gives students the confidence and independence of being goggle-free.
4. Start Early. You’ll Be Happy You Did. 
Baby and Me Classes exist for a reason. Not only do they allow parents and guardians to learn about how to support their child in being water-safe, they give babies the foundations of water-safety instrumental to private and semi-private swim lessons later on. Baby and Me Classes at Patti’s Swim School start as early as 5 months old when babies are beginning to have motor development.
5. Feel Wonderful about Water!
It may seem strange, but your kids feel most everything you do… So if you feel good about the pool, so will they! This brings us back to #3, if you need some lessons to refresh yourself, do it for your safety and your child’s.
Patti’s Swim School is enrolling year round – grab the day and time that works best for you!


Family Owned vs. Big Box Swim School

When it comes to choosing the right place for your child to learn how to swim it can be a difficult one. Of course there are many things to consider, parents are looking at the price, yelp reviews, the costumer service experience when calling and asking questions as well as how quickly their child will learn how to swim.
At first glance Patti’s may seem like a hefty price tag, but then you also have to take into consideration we specialize in semi-private and private lessons, meaning that you get the personal experience between parent and instructor that can be hard to find at big box companies. There is no glass wall causing a divide between you and the person who is working with your child. You can hear everything that is being said, taught, as well as view the interaction between child and teacher.
Here at Patti’s we have a nice set up for parents to sit back and relax pool side, along with tables and umbrella’s if you want to enjoy the summer weather without being sun burned.
We also know at big box swim schools it can be hard to get in touch with the owner or sometimes even the manager but here at Patti’s we want you to know that both the owner and the manager are available to you. If you can’t reach us by phone, send us an email and we will get back to you the same day, usually by phone so that you can get all the questions you have answered right away. On most days you can even find the owner herself checking in on the business and even answering the phones, which is the type of thing you would only get from a family owned business.
Another great thing about a family owned business is that all the instructors are selected by the owner herself. In the case of Patti’s Swim School, the instructors all have years of experience or are Patti’s own children, some instructors have even learned to swim at Patti’s and came back to work there when they got older. It says a lot about a company when students and families had such a great experience that they will come back as adults and want to work for them.
Here at Patti’s Swim School, you will not only get the best instructors that a swim school has to offer, but you will also get a calm and relaxing place where you and your child can both enjoy the experience.

Should I Make My Child Swim If They Are Crying?



We all have been there, whether it be as a swim instructor or a parent.  Your child recently started swim lessons and every time they set foot near the pool the tears start to fall.  What are the reasons for this and should I continue to make them swim? This is a question we hear a lot at Patti’s Swim School.

We all know that it is not fun to see any child upset and of course we want swimming to be fun but there are also some cases where it is ok for your child to be upset and still  make them swim.  For example, anything new is always scary especially to a child who is young.  Most of the time they will stop crying after a few lessons, once they start to get use to the routine and realize that everything will be ok.  What we don’t want to do is take them out of swim lessons after one day just because they cried, give them a few lessons to get comfortable.

There is also the case of a child crying because they have recently started to become independent and do not want a (stranger) telling them what to do.  Ergo they will start to cry in hopes that the will not have to do what is asked of them.  In this case it really is up to the parents, however as a swim instructor I can tell you that once your child realizes they have to do what is ask of them they get use to it and there will be no more tears.

Some children are absolutely terrified, now parents you know your child better than anyone.  If they are legitimately scared you have to decide.  Are you okay with the swim instructor going a little slower so that your child can start to trust them or do you want to wait awhile until you feel they are ready.  The reason I say this is because of course we want your child to swim but we don’t want to push them to the point where we have made swimming such a terrible ordeal that they never want to come back.  However if given the time to adjust and realize that there is nothing to be afraid of, your child will thrive at Patti’s Swim School!